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3211923 905Hemat Afarinan Farda Corporation (private company) started its production since the beginning of the 1398(2019) by Mr. Jamshid Hamtali Keykha (the director of board), Hamid Ghaderi Krooh (CEO) and Ali Mohseni Ejieh (the member of board) in order to provide and produce the livestock forage. The founders of the company have two decades of experience in this field and they also are experienced in the field of agriculture mechanization. They know all the relevant stages very well and are professional in this field. Due to these reasons, Hemat Afarinan Farda Corporation has been established due to the demand of the market for providing and producing the livestock forage and livestock food. The company does its task as a legal character. Our company has expanded its field activity for the provision and production of livestock forage, beside Esfahan, in provinces like Khuzestan, Tehran, Kermanshah, Hamadan, Ghazvin, Lorestan, and Kerman. This expansion was happened due to the ability and skills and expertise of managers and all personnel. The livestock forages are harvested with high-tech machines and the forage process in the field of agricultural mechanization is provided by our company. Considering the help of God and relying on the useful experience of managers and experienced personnel, since the beginning of our activity (2019) and because the demands in our dear country, we decided to establish the factory of poultry food, fish feed and the factory of packing in Khuzestan province, Andimeshk. Consequently, we started to buy lands and machines and tools and establishing the factory so we can provide some of the demands of our country. Regarding this, our aim have been defined and specified. We definitely need the cooperation and help of our customers for completing this chain and their contribution will be absolutely effective. The policy of company’s board is always honesty and best quality for consumers and customer’s usage. Our aim is to satisfy our customers and delivering the best and highest qualified packed products according to international standards. For performing this advanced and systematic plan, we cooperate with the best engineers and personnel in the country.

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map marker Address: Hemat Afarinan Farda Corporation, number 1 industrial town, Andimeshk town, Khuzestan

mobile icon  Cellphone number : +989131692005

email open Email : info@hemmatafarinan.com

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